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Including you who are laughing right now. Marines are a close group of turds who accept each other no matter their flaws, gender, race, or religion. Then they laugh it off after a quick bickering and move along.

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marlne That is what inevitably happens. For example, see posts But hanging out with your lover of straighh same sex is not dishonorable conduct, or anywhere on par with purchase straight gay marine videos regulations regarding gay night clubs in las vegas use, barracks rules, drinking on duty, etc….

Most gays and lesbians feel that way, especially since we catch so much stigma and shit about it. I am not as familiar with the discrimination that you laugh off so I hope you can clarify it purchase straight gay marine videos me.

Was it illegal to be ginger in every state of the union until ? Was it still illegal in 12 states until when the Supreme Court said that the Constitution actually applies to all citizens — even the ginger ones?

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Is it illegal for gingers to marry in 45 states? Cuz that would be a pretty crappy thing to do, man. Has any Congressman ever proposed that gingers be exiled to an island to die? On the floor of the US House of Representatives? Sure, that purchase straight gay marine videos happen. Or maybe there are school boards who refuse to let ginger kids get together to provide support for each other? Or maybe last year one student walked into his computer class and put two bullets in the back of another student, because he was ;urchase.

Or maybe there were people murdered for being ginger this past year? And what about the personal, anymouse? And should you ever suggest that you think gingers should be entitled to have the same laws as everyone else… well, then you purchaze militant activist raging ginger that hates God, the family, and America.

As crazy as gay resturant long island sounds, gingers are taxed on employmenf benefits that other employees purchase straight gay marine videos not taxed on — because they are ginger. But you know what I would find intollerable if I were you, anymouse?

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Because you know something, anymouse, anyone who would do that to you would be a pretty worthless piece of videps. More insults, is that the gay mantra now. Good luck in all your endeavors. I also could care less if your gaylesbianlove chickens or love mmarine rub your groin on dryer sheetsit purchase straight gay marine videos nothing to me. I consider myself well educated and non bigotedI also attempt to show respect and expect the same in return.

We are both females you did say you were and we are partners and Mafine just happen top stroll into jarine barracks to hang purchase straight gay marine videos I wait for you to get ready for chow. My question is when is gay american indian picturesenough.

During my first deployment we had a guy that admitted he was a bisexual. My question is when is enough, enough. The whole thing is blown way out of proportion. The MCTimes front page does, in fact at first glance, insinuate without looking at the subtext that Marines — in whole — are gay. Love the Corps or get the hell out.

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Flamboyancy is also called eccentrics which is prejudicial to good order and discipline and applies to ALL Marines, gay or straight.

Good leaders will figure out a way through the awkwardness and ill-comfort. Great leaders will stay with our beloved Corps rather than reject it because of a policy set in place by the CiC and lead it to the next era of complainers and short-timers.

Was the Bisexual male or female purchase straight gay marine videos, got lost in the translation. You just have to leave them alone if you disagree with the way that they live. No sermons, no gay bashing, nada. Just cold shoulder them and move along. I will revert back to my original post by saying this is nothing more than a political move by a president thats scared shitless and 2018 gay international mr votes. Now whats going to happen if the next pres repeals it ….

Funny you say voyeuristic and opens a completely different can of worms… ask any Marine, or man for that matter, if they think lesbians are hot. Maybe these purchase straight gay marine videos are more tolerable of the gays than they care to admit. I have three brothers, one an ex marine. All of them straight. They have plenty of gay friends partly because of gay porn fraternity hazing but the stupid gay stuff they do as men doesnt purchase straight gay marine videos because of who is playing.

They trust in their friendship that its all in fun and are secure in themselves. In your story you said guy at the beginningat the end you purchase straight gay marine videos fat ugly female. Thats why I asked. As far as the unimpressed commentI was asking because I was unaware of the other individual. The old gear still works. You know how us old breed MSgts are. I bet the gay men in the army will get the family sized vaseline bottle.

Doodoo chasers, bushwackers, the awful driving asians, and the middle easterners who spontaneously combust will always have a zinger by yours truly. But seriously — are the lesbians HOT!?

No real lesbians are not hot, that is just a fantasy. You know what they look like? Larry the Cable Guy — nice!

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Imagine all this time when i thought gay gay personals free popular flipped a coin and maybe called tails for tails, hahahahahaha. I sure hope some clown shoe is on duty stfaight the MCTimes right now reading these response. I think I just caughed up a kidney laughing! I thought Purchase straight gay marine videos had some good one liners, but you are the king! Vay have a ton of jokes and no minority group or majority group is spared.

Freedom to act like an ass! If jokes come into play and they are laughed at — no one can get made, unless they are specifically targeting at ,arine individual out of hate. Hey wondering — the bed room is off limits on this topic. What goes on in there, stays in there. Bottom line, there will not be morning formations with lines marked saying straight guys who got a BJ here, those who gave a BJ here, those who got their pipes cleaned here, or those who did the cleaning — there.

This is all off limits, unless it is a sex crime, absent same on same sex or male vifeos female. I know it is sterotypical, but damn that last one was the best! All there has to be is proof it purchase straight gay marine videos.

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And pictures tend to always end up floating around on the internet. Will there be pyrchase new gay comic for the military? Similar to Terminal Lance? Condoms stuck in my butt….

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How about Lawnmowing for wookie monsters? You fkrs come up with some off the wall shit. Flaming burritos off the 3rd decks, bat wings, the brain which I use etc. If these responses cannot be broken down and looked purchase straight gay marine videos in the manner that we are accepting this, just need to polish no pun some rough edges and itll be all good.

If not, stand by for the gerbil purchase straight gay marine videos ur ass jokes and dryer sheets on your bean bag! I was simply pointing out I have seen plenty of straight guys do those stupid gay ass grabbin stuff and they didnt free to watch gay pornos all bent out of shape because one of the friends happened to be gay cuz they trusted each other and their own sexuality.

Creepy looks can be misread but eh maybe not and if the look was valid that he was getting his rocks off well I suppose I can see why they didnt let him play with all the other boys. Maybe I missed the point I thought they were all buddies and had a comradery thing goin between them. As for someone grabbin my wife, well if we were in a setting like described where everyone was doin that back and forth I guess we would all be doing it however girls dont really do that jackass episode stuff.

Although occasionally friends do feel her up because she does have nice boobs. Come to think of it it is mostly gay guys lmao. As I said earlier the purchase straight gay marine videos room is off limits. The UCMJ and leaders are not going there. Trust me, I am a Paralegal. Since federal rules say that a man who had sex with another man even once since is banned gays mills wisconsin orchards from donating blood. Has this rule been changed?

BigToe took me a bit to get back to you. Real work and all. I hope so I really do.

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As long as it does not make a mockery of our warrior ethos I could care less. I would rather be srtaight for the right thing than allowing the standard to slip because of special interest. So who are these sodomy enforces that likely performs countless hours purchase straight gay marine videos breaching to catch backdoor breaching in the act with their high powered lens cameras.

Ok seriously i had enough fun for the night.

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Its still a brotherhood. Stoolpushr-I found your jokes to be funny and I am going to have to remember a few but you made it clear purchase straight gay marine videos are an equal opportunity jokester so I believe free pic of porn gay cock were being lighthearted and not a bigot or anything-sometimes in written form that can be a lil hard to portray but I think i read you correctly.

The old salty Master Sergeant has his views which may not appeal to you but hey, free country. We all fought and bled so you guys and girls can bat for the purchase straight gay marine videos softball team.

Gay christian information the good with the bad. Moreover, the last few postings, if you have noticed probably due to your small pea size brain is that we starting coming together on this subject and laughing. Lastly, there allan, I have lead Marines in garrison and combat, and I have lost marines in combat.

So you can go fuck yourself if you think you are any better than anyone else posting anything here.

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I can bet that I probably was coming out of Straiggt on my first tour when you were trying to staright out which end was up. That would be there shit for brains.

Do your job, have fun at it, joke with and lead your Marines. Marien glad that mrine purchase straight gay marine videos alive and with all of your limbs. Unlike some of my wounded brother and sisters. Now see what happens purchase straight gay marine videos you stick your hand in the bulldogs food bowl Allan? It will be interesting to watch the first boy scout troop get kicked off a base because of their policy regarding scoutmasters.

Any bets as to which service it will be? Unimpressed — GD right! That shit pissed me off. We have been at it for what 5 hours and have all added good points and have laughed. I see only valid concerns, no racial hatred. Hence the ass chewing no pun he buttle gay jeffrey skater got. We are all purchase straight gay marine videos and sisters, from different backgrounds and beliefs.

Noone is trying to change anyone. We are just asking hard questions that all sides want answered for the greater good of all. Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Coasties, etc are here to take care of each other, this country and more importantly those who cannot defend themselves.

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If someone takes something that we have been talking about out of context — that on them, and they deserve to get blasted. Splash gay black males riverside and out!

Gotta look at the name. I think his is purchase straight gay marine videos together, purchas mine is spread out. Yeah stoolpushr had me rolling, hell I think all of us. MSgt, you purchaxe to learn: By the way, has anybody made the case why accepting personnel who purchase straight gay marine videos 50 times or more likely to be HIV positive and not know it into the military is a good idea?

I wonder if the Times expected the initial outrage to turn into an amusing banter of average Marine-isms.

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In true-to-form Marine Corps fashion. Can we just have an all-lesbian fighting force please? One things for sure, hostility to Christianity is a touchstone for degenerates. Make sure you teach the kids that their parents are wrong. I even quoted relevant scripture earlier. We keep our dicks exceptionally clean.


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And in various sizes and colors for your pleasure. Unimpressed, human institutions will always have problems.

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Why would the military want a subset of the popultation that is 50 times more likely to be HIV positive and not know it? I was a practicing Catholic not gqy very good one.

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Went to Purchase straight gay marine videos school yes the funny little dress uniforms, and mean nuns and i absolutely hated it. Do purcnase know how embarrassing it is purchae be caught in a drug video gratis you tube gay trying to buy condoms while a nun who works at your school catches you? Then she tells me how dirty sex is if i am not married.

Can someone not have religious beliefs or just baptized and brought into a straihgt and still have nasty viveos Sodomy be damned… I want my oral presentations! Hey just wondering if sodomy is going to still be illegal for the gays like it is for the straights! Since if a soldier talks about anal sex with a woman and another soldier over hears it and it bothers them they can file sexual harrassment charges against said soldier as well as be discharged for the simple act of sodomy with his spouse!

Anything else CAN be a purchase straight gay marine videos offense! Or hey maybe we could leave it as do who or what you want in purchase straight gay marine videos bedroom just DO NOT talk about it or face getting the boot!

And make it fair also if a straight soldier gets the boot for saying this is GAY!

Sep 13, - And yes, some gay Marines will bring dates to the Marine Corps Birthday .. If grab ass games went on like that, it's b/c HATs we garbage or the NCOs . as straight men/women who engages in multiple sex partner in the past 12 months. Meanwhile you're clicking on porn links in your favorite whacking.

If a said GAY and proud soldier makes comments referring to anything or anyone being straight in a derogatory way that purchase straight gay marine videos soldier should also face the Purchase straight gay marine videos To be Christ like is very purchase straight gay marine videos as are the basic foundations behind most religions, purchase straight gay marine videos religions in themselves fuel so much of the wars that you are fighting.

I dunno, I find the HIV argument to be intellectually retarded. JN — you know what really should irritate you, JN? What denomination are you by srraight way, that celebrates degeneracy?

It just makes you look cray cray. What, once again no answer? Swedenborgians are enlightened I think. And why is it again that we need a subset bar florida gay jacksonville the purchase straight gay marine videos 50 times more likely to be HIV positive and not know it included in the force? This helps readiness how? What if they contract HIV after they complete training. Ahhhh, only some Catholics are bad, some Mormorns, some Baptists?

If people want to volunteer to be meatshields, who the hell are YOU to stand gsy their way? Of course, this is the price we have military gay sex slutload pay for an enlightened force, right?

You want to change it? Should we exclude them from fighting? Why do I get the feeling JN is giving us a list of the photos purchase straight gay marine videos jacks off to before he goes to sleep at night? I never talked to her before today and I have found her witty, intelligent and jarine and proud to be in the military and proud to get some well deserved rights to not hide in the closet anymore.

Thanks for making my point. Okay, my previous comments about JN making sweet, sweet hand-love to photographs of Emperor Ratzinger were completely out of line.

I sincerely apologize to any and all ,arine who may have been offended. Excuse me while I go put a nail through my palm to drive the image from my dirty degenerate mind. But the problem is that regardless of how much you crow and insist on regulations, there will still be a majority within the community that regard your behavior as degenerate. Should those folks leave the service? Guys like Carl Mundy or Charles Krulak? So he drives around in his brand new car or truck that the Corps bought him without having to straigjt about layoffs or getting fired for the next 3.

Enforce a dress code or grooming standard for starters. They are more concerned with the possibility of spreading that HIV through the porn community the the red cross is with transfusions. If they do, then good riddance to bad rubbish. Do I have a masculine writing style or something? Maverick — you want to see him get really pissed? Tell him that Carter was a better president in his sleep. We fought that war with such success. Actually, the professional pornographic and prostitutional industries set the bar for safety against sexually transmitted diseases.

Actually, from your tone it seemed obvious. But pray tell, what do butch lesbians have to do with conscription? Enquiring minds want to know. And he liked peanuts. I think Gay porn links twinks chansluts totally fit within my demographic vjdeos princess, I know I do as a matter of fact.

As regards conscription, the military would benefit with it in my opinion because it would allow the military to improve the quality of recruit that they are getting. JN — So let me get this straight — you are saying that purchase straight gay marine videos feel all homosexuals reality gay video galleries inferior soldiers based on their sexual orientation, rather than their merit? Are you trying to make some kind of point?

Trying to emasculate me and put me in stfaight place or something? I actually support conscription as well, just state gay marriage amendment I think that all young men and women can benefit from the military. However, I think people in a free country should have the option to be a pacifist or apathetic to military affairs if they so choose.

I can see how the military can benefit all young men and woman but yes people should have a choice to be apathetic. I think there is a decent possibility that our forces could fold, especially when you get past the combat arms. People enlist for many reasons, and the military has reduced standards across the board to meet recruiting goals.

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However I salute all who serve this country for all you do, male, female, gay, purchaae, white, yellow etc etc, Christian, agnostic, Buddhist, etc, etc. Whether its a just war or unjust war. You all are there to get your job done. Mary a goat IDC. In more important news, Purchase straight gay marine videos will overshadow gay independence day by releasing yet another album on the 20th.

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It boggles my mind. And for those of you complaining about homosexuals not being covered under EO purchase straight gay marine videos not getting the same benefits as married couples…The military follows Federal Law, and until Federal Law recognizes homosexuals under EO and the Law that covers marriage, the military will not viceos you. I honestly dont think they shouldve made this a magazine straitht or say anything about this policy the gays can join the marines, thats fine and dandy, but dont share this with everyone…i can see where this is coming an isue for the ones serving now as far as all this goes.

What the hell happened to the funny comments? I think that JW shit on our semi gay is christian jules leblanc gay not marihe parade.

Now lets get to pressing matters like letting Marines get full sleeves again or at least we go back to the jokes. There is nothing shameful in a maarine serving their country. They can be just as patriotic and capable as the next person. What is shameful is that individuals can be so purchase straight gay marine videos as to throw away their career because someone in their platoon is gay.

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The reality is, Serve your damned country, not your ignorance. I would think our retirement getting canned would be more important and get people purchase straight gay marine videos lil more gwy than this. Having been out of the service since the tail end of here is my take:.

First, While DaDT forced thousands of people to lie about their orientation, it is now gone. Bravo Zulu Servicemen and Women no longer have to lie.

Integrity, Duty, Honor, Valor, and above all Unit cohesiveness. This will save time and money for viedos the Department of the Navy and the Corps. Personal gah within the Corps both here at home and down range will not change. There is a reason why the Corps is the finest fighting force around the Globe. As for individual Marines choices to stay or quit over this issue. Seems videoe me that the EGA is still what it is and always purchase straight gay marine videos be.

Not everyone can gay boy geting blow job a Marine, and purchase straight gay marine videos everyone should.

In the end the Corps shall continue to be defined by the men and women who choose to carry on the tradition of our forefathers. In the end the Marine Corps shall still be the Marine Corps.

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stgaight Now with regard to those of you who hold personal opinions about how the repeal of DaDT is going to adversely affect the Corps. I have but this to say. Your opinion is vodeos opinion. However, If you currently hold a billet in the United States Marine Corps; and choose to publicly display your opinion which may shine a distasteful light upon this subject remember one thing. It is up to you who are still in the service to be and example and set the example of the principles of leadership.

With that said, lets get back purchase straight gay marine videos what is important. Like another cup of coffee, or a serious conversation. Hey not all of the Marine Corps, is gay….

I mean come on, that is between purchase straight gay marine videos and God…. Hey I had to earn my Eagle Globe, and Anchor…. I mean come on….

I agree with you Peter. Each Marine has gay hunks tongue kissing to earn his or her own EGA.

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Not an easy accomplishment; and one that every member of the Corps can be proud of. That particular line item should be kept at home.

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The only thing a Marine should bring to his or her job is the ability to do said job. The only thing I cared about when I was in; was the ability of each Marine purchase straight gay marine videos the squad from gay cross dressers pictures squad leader down to the SAW operator to do their job. Knowing your job and the job of the Marine next to you straightt more important than knowing their sexual orientation.

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Holy Shit — did you all sleep last night? I see how it is, leave the fat out of the fun and pick him for dodge gay escorts torquay gumtree no pun just as a humor factor. Comment contains invalid characters. Comment cannot be longer than characters. Name contains invalid characters. Name cannot be longer than characters.

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